Exiles of Future Shocks x 2

Sep. 25th, 2017 12:14 pm[personal profile] cybermule
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The Delaware Road @ Kelvedon Hatch

A vaguely proper review of the Delaware Road Album is here. I'm aware I should have written this up less than two months later, but there is some clarity left. And many photos...

Kelvedon Hatch does feel very remote, even with its amusing "Secret Bunker this way" signs. And I arrived between two swathes of coached in people, in the dark, in the drizzle. There were some lit up bits going downhill. I walked towards them. I started hearing loud beats. It very much reminded me of the 90s, rave-tracking.

It wasn't rave, more a collection of curated hauntological weird. In a bunker. It's a massively disorientating experience as the Hatch is built into a hill. So you enter through the base and explore upwards, one strange bleepy tapetwisted room at a time. It's not my field of musical expertise, but good. More scary for the Mummers and Pappers popping up in various tunnels. The whole thing was finished with a Mummers Play that reminded me mostly of Riddley Walker.

Lots of Photos...

London's Future Exiles @ Iklectik, London

This was mostly an Alan Moore groupiefest for me. But with himself, Iain Sinclair *and* Brian Catling all in one place, I didn't want to miss it. Plonked square in the centre of Blaketopia in Lambeth, the Iklectik venue itself is quite plain and unassuming. A bit like a slice of Boiling Wells, really. Brain Catling is a quietly imposing ball of pinstriped hardintellect insanity. I've lost my love affair with Sinclair in whom I've noticed a recent streak of psychogeosnobbery in. But still, he writes damn well. But has no right to be so stuck up when Alan Moore is such a gentle fuzzy lovely. So, four very different poets on Blake and London, and a damn fine night indeed.

Also to be noted that these are the things that put a spring back in my step.


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