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On Thursday, we decided to head to the beach, for snorkelling and kite flying. The kite flying went badly, and the sorkelling not much better, as the waves at Luskenyre were too strong.

We decided to have another go at Rodel Harbour, and managed with more success - watching crabs on the bed, and little fish. Although [Bad username or site: @ livejournal.com] went too far out, and found himself surrounded by small jellyfish. I really enjoy snorkelling - just floating on the surface and watching everything - but I'm not confident enough in the water, and it's something I'd like to work on. We headed back home, and in the evening went for a walk, discovering another local harbour at Lingerbay, and finding the abandoned cottage which we'd seen each day from the road. All rack and ruin now, windows broken, wood rotting, floor thick with sheep droppings, and bit of dead sheep. A sad place to die.

Friday morning we were greeted with torrential rain. We headed through Rodel, where there was going to be a wedding according to the lady in the post office at Leverburgh. We headed up the coast road, to visit the several galleries on Harris. We took a detour on impulse and discovered the MacGillivary Centre in Northton, where ther are views out over the sand flats (with not much to be seen through the rain), and very good toilets. Then it was up to Tarbert, where we ate chips and bought souvenirs, and back along the ROAD OF DEATH, via the Skoon Art Cafe for delicious soup (as the skies cleared and the sun shone). We ended up at the Finsbay Gallery, where we spent a lot of money on a painting by Harry McArdle. I wish I could paint. Then, alas, it was home to pack. There was a terrible storm overnight. I fell asleep to the sound of the wind howling, and the rain lashing against the window. Pathetic fallacy indeed.
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